Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review Tuesdays: Revlon Lip Butters

Hey everyone!

L to R: Sweet Tart, Peach Parfait, Cupcake, Tutti Frutti,
Gumdrop, and Creamsicle. 
Today I am going to be doing a review and swatch post of all my Revlon Lip Butters. (I know, I'm way late in the game on these ones. haha) I had two originally, but I really wanted to try some of the brighter color options that I have been seeing in so many posts. Walgreens was having a buy one, get one 50% off sale of all Revlon products, so I went and picked up four other colors to add to my collection. The colors I ended up getting were Sweet Tart, Tutti Frutti, Cupcake, and Gumdrop. The two that I already had were in Creamsicle and Peach Parfait.

Sweet Tart: This shade is my ABSOLUTE favorite out of all the ones that I got! It's the perfect hot pink color for spring and I can finally wear the neutral eye, bright lip combo that I have always dreamed of! haha It applies like a dream and the color is so pretty and buildable. I can't say enough about this color. AWESOME!

Peach Parfait: This color was one of the original two colors that I purchased. It is much darker on the lips than it looks in the tube and has a TON of micro glitter pieces in it. It's so sparkly and the only one of all six that has that feature. I'm in a love/hate with the glitter. I do appreciate the extra shimmer, but I learned as I was swatching these one after another that the glitter sticks to the lips like cement. I could not get it off to save my life. Other than that, I think it is a pretty, more neutral pinky peach shade. Not my favorite, but I don't hate it.

Cupcake: This color is a light bubblegum pink. So cute in the tube and I like it on my lips, but I feel like the lighter, frostier shades tended to emphasize some of the dryness in my lips than any of the others. It's not horrendous or anything and an easy fix with some lip scrub, but just something to keep in mind with them. I really like this color on my skin, but might look a little too light on anyone darker.

Tutti Frutti: Orange is IN! Well according to Pantone anyways, but what do they know? ;) This was definitely one of those colors that I would NEVER have picked up normally. I tend to have a serious aversion to anything orange colored, but I saw this swatched on someone else and I really liked how it looked on them. We seemed to be similarly colored and with this surge of orange flooding into my life from all corners of the universe, I went out on a limb and bought it. And safe to say, this is also one of my favorites out of the bunch! Who knew? lol It's a gorgeous bright orange and looks very similar to the Sephora + Pantone color that just got released. Very appropriate for summer. And while I don't see myself jumping the Tangerine Tango bandwagon just yet, I can at least say that my toes are in the water.

Gumdrop: I keep wanting to call this one Lollipop for some reason, but the two colors are so completely different! haha This color I was back and forth on for a long time in the store.  I was between this one, which is a light purple/lavender shade and Créme Brulee (a nude color). I ended up with this color because it is so out of my comfort zone and that is what I want this blog to be about. Branching out, for better or worse. (Till death do us part? :/ ) All kidding aside, this color is super cute. Not crazy purple, but just the right amount. I can see myself wearing this with some bright colored eyes since it is so subtle that it shouldn't overwhelm my face. Another one of the lighter shades though and it can emphasize the dryness on my lips a bit.

Creamsicle: Last, but certainly not least, we have Creamsicle. This is probably the most neutral of the colors that I bought. I really didn't like this one at first, but I think it was because it white washed my lips more than I am used to seeing. I have naturally pigmented lips and it weirded me out to see them so pale, even though they aren't anywhere near as stark white as I perceived them. After I tried it out a couple times, I came to really like the neutral color it gave to my lips. The only downside being it is one of the lighter shades and out of all of them this one picked up the dryness the most.

Balm texture
Non-sticky shine
Awesome color payoff from a balm type product
Wide Ranged Color Selection
Packaging is Amazing

Not as long lasting as I would hope
Price can be a little steep for some people considering it's a balm, but still way cheaper than any high end brand.
The glitter in Peach Parfait tends to linger A LOT.
Some of the lighter shades can emphasize dry lips.

Price: $7.99
Availability: Most drugstores and ULTA.

Overall, I really love these. I have never really been a lip product type of girl, but these are really changing my mind on that stance. I can see myself reaching for these on a daily basis! I do want to go get at least a couple more to try out the truer nudes and reds that they offer. Well, that's all for me guys. Hope you liked it! Giveaway still going on through April 28th! (I know I have been spamming all my posts with that, but I am just so freakin' excited! haha)

Until next time,


P.S. Will probably be making a schedule post pretty soon to let you know when and what I will be posting each week. :D


  1. Your soo lucky in the UK we dont have gumdrop:(
    and there like doble the price here!! ;)
    Thanks for the review I am going to buy tuti fruti and Peach Parfait :)

    1. Oh no! That's no good. :( I wonder why? And so glad you liked it! Thanks so much!

  2. I love tutti fruti and sweet tart!!
    xx taylor

  3. I have Creamsicle as well... looks absolutely terrible on my lips :(


  4. You are so lucky I am just jelous now! I want Creamsicle and Gum drop but in the UK we don't have it!!! I loved this review and have completed me Versitle Blogger Awards Lucy xx

  5. I really like the Creamsicle shade on you!! I'm a sucker for really pale lips though, I love that look. You're a luck girl having all those shades look nice on you though, you can pull them all off! xx

  6. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!


  7. I think the baby pink cupcake is my favorite!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about my contest :)


  8. Gorgeous shades, Sweet Tart is my fav as well, but you wear them all really well. I liked that you bought/featured Gumdrop, since that one doesn't seem to be as popular a choice. Seems like it would be lovely as you said, with brighter eye makeup. It's not too crazily purple so it's just the right amount of subtle lavender sheen :)

  9. I'm dying to try these out! Everyone is raving about them :)
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I'm a new follower!

  10. Sweet tart is so pretty! I may have to go pick up a tube!

  11. Hi just to let you know i have nominated you for the versitile award..
    check out my blog to see what to do x

  12. Heard soooo much about these lip butters, the colours are really lovely.

  13. I saw that you already filled out "The Versatile Blogger"award after i had already nominated you. I just wanted you to know I did :)

  14. I like the sweet tart colour hehehe I maybe will choose that one ^^

  15. All the shades of lipstick look great on you.



  16. This is a great review! I am a pharmacist in Walgreens and frequent the aisle as much as possible and did not even know that we had these! I may try the cupcake! BTW, I like them on you even if the glitter lingers in the peach!

  17. I've always wanted to try Peach Parfait, but with all that glitter, maybe I'll pass! Great review xoxo

  18. I have Sweet tart and Peach Parfait, and I love them! Now I want to try these colors.

  19. I've been wanting to try these! I nominated you for a versatile blogger award!


  20. ive been meaning to try some of these! especially the creamsicle one <3
    Miss City Chic