Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flower Crayon Melt Craft

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of it because it was a hard process to document with my giant camera. :/ Anyways, I have had this craft to do for about 3 months and have yet to get it done since school started again, but I finally had some time last night and this morning to finish it. What I made was a flower-y crayon melt art project with lots of green crayons and the melted parts turned into my stems for the flowers.
I made one of these back in December as a Christmas gift for my mom and sort of prefer how that one came out, but this isn't that terrible. I wanted this for my room because I have a lot of blues, greens, and florals in my d├ęcor and I love how cute they turn out! It is such an easy craft too. Just set out the crayons you want in an order you like and hot glue them to some canvas. The use a heat gun/hairdryer and melt them down and then hot glue flowers on the "stems". I melted a little orange crayon in the middle of the petals because my hot glue kept showing through, but other than that, It's done!

Hope you guys liked this little project post, I love being crafty when I have time and can afford it! lol


Any crafts you guys want to try out? Or any favorites that you have finished recently?

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