Sunday, March 25, 2012

Teen Vogue Birchbox

Alright, I was extra greedy this month and signed up for a second account so I could get both a regular box on my normal account and a Teen Vogue sponsored box on my second. And THANK GOD I did! This box was great and not because I loved everything, but the quality of the products I did love are fantastic! :D There were only five products in this box and they were all brands selected by Teen Vogue's Eva Chen.

The first product in this box was from Annick Goutal and it was their Petite Chérie perfume sample. I didn't particularly hate the scent, but there wasn't much to it. I couldn't really smell anything and that is what put me off by it the most. The card does say that it is an "understated" scent, but I think non-existent takes being understated to a whole new level. All in all, it will just go in a box of my unused samples and maybe I will take it out later down the line and absolutely adore. Who knows?

Essie's Set in Stones over
Julep Maven's Anne
The next sample I received, which was actually a full size, was a nail polish from Essie's luxeffects collection. The color I got was Set in Stones and it is a silver glitter top coat and it is really pretty. I did attempt to exchange it at my local ULTA for a different polish in the same collection, but not because I didn't like it. I just wanted the multicolored flake topcoat instead since it is something I don't have in my collection at the moment. Unfortunately, ULTA wouldn't let me exchange it because the label was in the wrong place and the computer gave her an alert that it wasn't an ULTA nail polish, so whatever. I kept it and I have used it and do like it quite a bit. So it wasn't the end of the world that the exchange didn't go through.

The third item in the box was the Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel by PETER THOMAS ROTH. I haven't used this, but have seen reviews for it online and it seems like it is a pretty solid product. I'm excited and will probably try to use it in the next couple days to gauge it's performance, but until then there isn't much else to say about it.

The fourth item in the box was the BEST item I could have received! I am so happy that I finally get to try this product out without having to dish out the $24 for a full size without knowing if I would like it. This wonderous item is from Tarte and it is one of their LipSurgence lip tints. I orginally got the color Joy, which is a super orange-y color and I knew that would look crazy on my fair skin, but I was luckily able to exchange this one at my ULTA unlike the polish. I tried out a few of the colors and finally settled on Enchanted. It is a berry pink-ish red and I thought it would have been WAY too dark on me in the tube, but it was just a perfect amount of tint on my lips that I couldn't help but choose it. I am MORE than happy about the quality of this product! Super moisturizing and smells minty and looks great with the perfect shine and tint without any stickiness. I will DEFINITELY be buying more of these in the future, but might wait until they have another set of them like they had during Christmas. I am so sad that I waited and questioned buying them a few months back! DUH! Oh well, now I know for sure and can't wait to get more! LOVE!

The last item was something I had received in a past birchbox on my normal account and I didn't love it and I didn't hate it, but was just one of those "Meh" things that I don't care too much about. This was the twistband hair tie. I saw that everyone was getting bright fun colors in their boxes and was excited about that aspect of it since the one I had received in the past box was just a plain black color. But lo and behold, I got another black band...haha just my luck. It didn't really phase me much. I was so happy with the other products that this one flop didn't bug me too much. And I mean, it's still a useable item. Who can't use another hair tie, honestly?

Overall, I am sooooo happy that I spent the extra $10 this month! This box was amazing and I finally got to try out a product that I had been eyeing up for MONTHS! Thanks so much Birchbox for a great March!


  1. You seem to share a lot of the same opinions as me, so I like that! I also thought the Petite Cherie perfume was TOO understated. I swapped it with someone on a make-up forum. =)

    Lovely blog!

    1. Haha well its good to know I wasn't the only one who felt that way! And thank you!

  2. Already following you, you're great, keep it up!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Following you as well! :)