Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 2012 MyGlam Bag

So I got my March MyGlam bag in the mail last week, unfortunately (sorta), I was on spring break in Minneapolis at the time and was not here to open it right away. Hence the late post, but better late than never! So this is the fourth month that MyGlam has been in business and I did think this month was a little small on the size aspect of it all, but the quality of the products received more than makes up for it!

First off, the bag this month is so cute! I love all the flower colors and how spring time-y it all is, and with this crazy unseasonably warm weather we are currently having, it is helping prep me for the summer months that will be here sooner than I would like. I love all the colors of summer, but the heat and humidity I could live without. lol The bag, like usual, came with a glossy card listing and describing all the products in this month's bag.

The first section of the card describes the "Dermstore Care Package" that is in the bag. This care package consisted of three items. Two actual samples and a coupon. One of the samples was the Pur-lisse Essential Daily Moisturizer and the other was a sample of Murad Eye Lift Perfecter. I can see my self getting at least a couple of uses out of the moisturizer, but the eye serum is a tiny foil sample and even if I tried to save some, I wouldn't have enough to do both eyes twice. The last part of the "care package" was a Dermstore gift card for $25 off a $50 or more purchase. I am really happy with this, regardless of if it isn't technically a gift card. I know a lot of people get really up in arms about wording, but I don't care because this is still a great deal and I am already planning my purchase. :)

The second portion of the bag was the "OR" products for the month. This month there were three options that you could have received. One was a 3Lab facial cleanser, the second was the Absolute Bronzing Booster from Murad, and the last option was Pur-lisse's Lip Nourisher. I, luckily, received the last of the three options and I couldn't be happier with it! It is amazingly moisturizing and it is made with some great natural ingredients such as blue lotus, soy proteins, and white tea. It doesn't have any parabens, fragrance, or color to it, so that is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. So far, I am impressed with this product a lot. I did look up the price of the tube, which is full size, and I found it on Amazon for $11. The retail price of it is $20, so this product in and of itself makes up for the value of the bag.

The third product that was included in this month's bag was a product from a company I have never heard of. It was the Color Enhancing Leave-In Treatment from KeraColor. I did a little research on the product and company and apparently they have a few options for this particular leave-in treatment depending on your hair color and they also have the "all inclusive" option which is the sample everyone received in the March bag. The concept of the packaging is to fold the two halves of the sample together, cut the tops off both, and squeeze out the product simultaneously. Now, I LOVE hair treatments and since I do color my hair this is the perfect thing for me to try out. I am hoping this gives me a nice sheen to my hair between coloring appointments and if I like it a lot I might be interested in purchasing the full size. This is one of the products out of the bag this month that I could see myself doing a separate review on, so look out for that.

The final item in the bag this month was a special customized product for all the subscribers. It was a tapered blending/crease brush with "myglam" printed on the pink handle. The brush itself came in hot pink pleather case with "myglam"stamped onto the cover flap. I was a little worried about the quality of the brush since it was obviously a mass order of them, but when I got to feel it and play around with it a little bit, I was SUPER impressed! It is such a soft and versatile little tool to have and I have used it a couple times when blending out my crease colors and it did a fantastic job! I can definitely see myself reaching for this one instead of my current crease brush all the time! I was reading that a lot of people have been complaining about the smell of the case and brush, but honestly, it didn't phase me one bit. I won't disagree that it had a smell to it, but nothing gag worthy. I have had products before with the same odor and if you just let them sit out in the open air, instead of crammed in the small plastic packaging, the smell dissipates within a day or so.

All in all, this bag was a pretty big hit for me and well worth the $10 spent on it. I will definitely be using all of the products this month and can't wait to see how the hair treatment works! :) If you are interested in subscribing, I will link to their website. Although, I'm not sure if the subscriptions are open right now since they have such a limited number of spots open this early in their business.

                                                                  See you soon!
                                                                        - Rianne

                                                               MyGlam Website

FTC: I purchased everything with my own money and all the opinions are my own as well. :)

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