Monday, March 19, 2012

First Introduction Post!

Just me!
Hey everyone,
Just wanted to start off this blog in a very standard style with an introductory post about myself and what I am all about in this crazy world. I should probably start off by saying that my name is Rianne, which is pronounced like Ryan.

Luna Tuna
I am 22 and currently a college student in Wisconsin and studying biochemistry. I have two younger siblings that live about 4 hours away from me with my mom and stepdad. I can be a huge nerd about a lot of things and love movies/tv shows. I have a kitten that I adopted from the Humane Society in December of 2011. Her name is Luna, she is the sweetest little cat, and I'm sure she will be making a lot of appearances in my video reviews since she barely leaves my side.

Zombie Pub Crawl 2011
I first got into beauty products/makeup about 4 years ago when I was a freshman in college. I always loved how makeup artists could transform people with even the simplest of techniques. I started watching the "gurus" on YouTube around that time too and my obsession took off from there. I began building my makeup collection and practicing various skills. I now have a pretty large collection and have slowly begun to accept I don't need much of anything else. I haven't done much as far as "cool" makeup looks are concerned although I have tried my hand at costume makeup with some pretty great results.
Small Sample of my Collection

 It wasn't until I had some sort of solid income that I started subscribing to various beauty boxes and don't regret a dollar I have spent on them. I have very rich taste in products which is not good on a college student budget, so the sample sizes helps me gauge if I need to invest in any of the higher end products.

Anyways, some of the expectations that can be had of this blog in the future are a lot of written reviews on products that don't need to be given a video review of, picture posts of my beauty subscription boxes to accompany my YouTube reviews, Crafty things I might have made, and maybe if I am really brave the occasional FOTD, NOTD, or makeup tutorial. The latter might take me a while to figure out, but I can at least set some goals for myself and any potential readers/viewers!

So yeah, that is a brief run-down of myself and my new blog. I hope you guys will come along with me on this journey (as cheesy as that sounds haha) and I can also be found on quite a few other websites, such as:

Tumblr (Less beauty posts and more memes, just as a fair warning. lol)


  1. What two revlon butters do you have there?

    1. Creamsicle and Peach Parfait. I love them! I need to get some more when I can afford it.