Friday, April 6, 2012

theBalm haul...Again. :D

Hey everyone!

Alright, so I saw on another blogger's post a few days ago that she was able to find some of theBalm kits at her local Marshall's. And I know what you are thinking, "Rianne, didn't we JUST get a review and a FOTD with theBalm?" Well yes... but being that I have a serious obsession with them at the moment, please excuse the redundancy of these posts. ;D So I decided to mosey on down to my Marshall's and have a looksie for some goodies. I spent about 30 minutes looking for some products and couldn't find any to save my life. So I tried on a few shirts and as I was walking up towards the register to pay, the skies parted and a light shone down from above and right next to the registers were FOUR shelves full of theBalm products. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I had to make some of the hardest decisions of my week! lol There were seriously like 12 different kits to choose from and I just wanted them all. I decided on three kits that ended up being $9.99 each and I am really excited about what I got. Alright, alright, enough of me rambling. On to the pictures!

This first kit that I chose was the "Green Eye Kit". Obviously, they are colors that would make green eyes, like mine, pop. This kit came with two pressed shadows in Just This Once Jaime and Curvy Cami.
L to R: Jaime, Work, Cami
T to B: Jaime, Cami, Work is

They are gorgeous! Holy mackerel. The Jaime shade is a brownish-purple and the Cami shade is a beautiful plum. This kit also came with another one of their Overshadows in the color Work is Overrated. It's a shimmery pink champagne color. The other two products included are the Balms Away makeup remover, which I have been DYING to try, and the Cheater! Mascara. Now, I already have this mascara from the other kit that I got, but I will get to what I am doing with it in a moment. ;)

The second kit that I bought was the "Hey Mama!" kit, which included three of their face products. The Bahama Mama matte bronzer, the Hot Mama! blush, and the Sexy Mama translucent anti-shine powder.
L to R: Bahama, Hot, Sexy 
The bronzer looks really nice and I think if I use it sparingly, it should make for a lovely contour color. The translucent powder I haven't tried and didn't swatch because,'s translucent. haha Still excited for it though. The blush is the exact same as the one I purchased last week and actually the one pictured and the one swatched is that first blush. But just like the mascara, I will get to what I'm doing with the duplicates in a little bit.
T to B: Hot Mama!, Bahama Mama

The last thing that I picked up for myself is the Shady Lady Vol. 3 eyeshadow palette. This was such an amazing steal! It's normally $40 and I got it for $9.99. Seriously?
I'm loving the colors in this palette so much! I think my favorites are the colors Runaround Rebecca (a green and brown duo-chrome) and Come Hither Heather (a purple taupe color). There are so many colors in this one to explain, so I will just let the pictures do the talking. ;)
T to B: Gwen, Annie, Olwen, Heather,
Rebecca, Annette, Lacy, Erin, Lee

Alright, you've made it this far! Congrats! Now you get to hear the good news. I have finished putting together my 50 followers giveaway! And that is exactly where the duplicates of the mascara and blush from these sets are going! Along with a TON of other little things as well. I am only 5-ish followers away from the giveaway and I couldn't be more excited or humbled! I am so happy to hear that everyone is liking my blog regardless of my newbie status. It means a lot and is completely unexpected! Anyways, that's all I have for this one (too much already haha), but I strongly suggest going into your Marshall's as well. It was so much cleaner and more organized than the T.J. Maxx and obviously has just as great of products.

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    1. Thanks so much. Now following back!! :D

  2. congrats on making 50 followers! im hoping to do as well as you one day! haha! Unfortunatley I dont think we have Marshall's in the UK, but will have a look out for products online :) x

    1. You'll make it! :D And I think the same people own the T.K. Maxx in the UK that own the Marshall's here in the states.

  3. wow this is a great haul! I heard people finding the balm at TJ MAXX too recently! I gotta hit up these stores! I subbed! I found you on Niki's blog! :) Have a great day!

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  4. Ive been thinking about getting the shady lady for so long! might have to go buy it now!
    xx taylor

  5. those are some nice colors! great blog girlie! just followed :)

  6. Can you believe that Sephora doesn't carry the Balm products in their stores anymore!

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  10. I love your blog, you've got some brilliant reviews on here! Just followed :)

    Ah, this post makes me so jealous, I can never find TheBalm anywhere here in the UK. I stumbled across Bahama Mama and Hot Mama in a TK Maxx last year, and got Hot Mama. I've been searching for more ever since!


  11. Love the Balm products!!! Great swatches...I should have gotten that palette when I did my last haul. :-) New subscriber!