Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blogger Appreciation Award!

Hey everyone!

I was just given a Blogger Appreciation Award by Katie from Baking You Up Some Makeup Love! Thank you so much Katie! This is so exciting and a wonderful idea to help spread lots of blog lovin'.  Especially for someone who just started out like I have! Katie does makeup tutorials on youtube as well and she is so fun and outgoing in her videos, not to mention the GREAT tutorials. You should definitely check her youtube out right here!

So a great big thanks again to Katie! And onto the rules and questions that come along with this award!

Here are the rules of the Award:
1)      Thank the person who gave you the award with their blog link on your post.
2)      Answer the following 4 questions.
3)      Award the Blogger Appreciation Award to as many readers/commenters/supporters/followers as you’d like.
4) Let the blogger know you've just awarded them, either through leaving a comment, a tweet, an email, etc..
Now onto the questions: 
1)      How long have you been blogging?
2)      What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging.
3)      What types of blogs do you like to follow/read?
4)      What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?

My Answers: 
1. I have only been blogging for a couple weeks. Which is what makes this so exciting!

2. I wanted a way to express some creativity and the blogosphere always seemed so interesting. I just had to get over how scared I was that no one would read it and DO IT! And I'm so glad I did. 

3. I love following makeup blogs, nail blogs, fashion blogs, life in general blogs. I love any blogs really. 

4. I would love to have more makeup posts and nail posts, but I need to work on my skills for sure! I would also like to learn at least some basic HTML, so I can make my blog all pretty like. 

I give the award to the following and I tried to find bloggers with under 50 subscribers like myself: