Monday, March 26, 2012

Fortune Cookie Soaps Spring Order with Hunger Games Collection

Just received my big haul from Fortune Cookie soaps today! I love how quickly they ship and they have the most amazing customer service ever! So this order was my big order for the launch of their Spring scents and products that they had sent out in the Soap Box that I had received a few weeks back. I also have a few items from their limited edition Hunger Games collection since they all sounded so amazing and I am in LOVE with the book series! P.S. Movie was fantastic. I really thought they did a great job with a very detailed book. And I definitely cried A LOT! haha Alright, I will go item by item and describe scents for you and give my first impressions on all of the products I got in this order, starting with the Hunger Games.

The first Hunger Games product I purchased was the Tiny Tribute Shampoo bar. I am currently using their Dragonfruit one (which was JUST discontinued by the way) and I still have a LONG way to go with it, but this one smells like the best bouquet of tropical flowers I have ever smelt. I am in deep unfathomable love with this smell and would buy it in EVERY product that they have. Not to mention, the bar itself is adorable. It is a bright blue with colorful flower sprinkles on top which are supposed to be the item that was meant for Rue. I think they captured Rue's essence beautifully and I just can't rave enough about how amazing this is!

The next HG product I bought was the Hunter Green whipped cream/body butter. I bought this one hoping that I would have liked the scent. I did attend the FCS BlogTV release of these products and my audio and video kept skipping and cutting out, so all that I heard of this one's scent was "And it smells a little like ________, with a hint of ________" haha and the comment section didn't help me either because people must have had a problem with their audio as well and thought they heard that it smelled like CLAMS! haha I assumed they wouldn't make such a strange scent, so I ordered this on a hope and a prayer that I didn't get a clammy smelling lotion or something equally as gross. Fortune Cookie Soaps didn't fail to deliver on this product either. It is one of the most unique smells in a lotion I have ever smelt. So unique in fact, that to describe it sounds a little goofy, but I get a mixture of fresh cut grass and white tea leaves. It is such a fresh and beautiful smell, I wish they made more products in this scent as well.

The third HG product I ordered was a Baker's Dozen fortune cookie soap. This one is supposed to smell like a jelly donut and it was in honor of Peeta, naturally. I really liked this scent as well. I didn't get an immediate sense of jelly donut on this one, but I did have more of a sugared popcorn and fruit smell. It reminded me of one of my favorite treats from a gourmet popcorn store and I can't wait to try it out. In the picture is another item that I ordered as well. It is one of their soap saver pouches and it is a truly ingenious idea for using up those last little bits of soap that would otherwise go unused or thrown away.

Last HG product before I get into my regular order, it is the Hair of the Dog body wash. This product was for Haymitch, that sloppy drunk. It is described as a vanilla rum scent and it matches really well to that. I initially get a huge waft of rum smell with a little vanilla, but I really like it. I hope the alcohol-ly smell washes off and doesn't make me stink too much like a long night out, but if it does and the scent is too strong for me, I know a lot of my guy friends who would love something like this. Also before I get onto the regular products, can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging and labels on these. Too perfect! I love the creativity that goes into all of this!

Onto the regular products, the first one that I ordered was a sampler pack of their Whipped Creams because I wanted to try a whole bunch of their signature scents without having to buy an entire jar. In this set, you get four 1 ounce jars of their whipped cream and you get to pick any four scents from their current selection. I chose three of their signature scents, Unicorn Farts, Something Tropical, and In The Loop. And one of their new spring scents called Sweet Tart Martini. Starting with Unicorn Farts (cute name!), I got a strange mix of fruity, florally, and bubblegum in that one. I really love the smell and the lotion itself has glitter throughout which is super cute! Something Tropical is a mixture of all the tropical smells I can ever imagine, but coconut stands out as the leader in the bunch. I really like this one, but it is a little too weak smelling for my taste. Just wish it were a little more scented. In The Loop is a smell that EVERYONE raves about, so I wanted to see about the hype. Let me tell you, it smells just like a big box of Fruit Loops! I can't believe it honestly. I love it and really want to get more products in this smell for sure! The last scent was their Sweet Tart Martini, I had received this smell in my soap box and it does have a tangy sweet tart smell to it, so I am pretty happy with this one as well.

The next two products are in the same scent that I also sampled earlier this month in my Soap Box. It is the Wake Me Up Before You Mango smell that I am forever in olfactory love with. It smells just like a bag of gummi bears to me. That sugary fruity smell is so fantastic and I had to have it in a couple full sized products. The two products that I chose were the whipped cream and sugar scrub. The whipped cream is the same as the samplers just in a different scent. I can't wait to try out the sugar scrub since I have heard really great things about that as well. I am so excited to have nice soft skin now that the weather is warming up and it is time to unbundle from our winter cocoons.

Alright, I did go a little whipped cream crazy and did buy ANOTHER one in the scent Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, which is a delicious lemon bar smell. It seriously smells like a lemon poppy seed muffin fresh out of the oven and who doesn't want to smell like that, really? lol Same super moisturizing formulation as all the others and very happy to have this one!

I know this is the longest post ever, but bear with me. Just two more items to go and they get to share the same last paragraph. This item is the Clearly Complexion bar soap that is supposed to do wonders for acne skin. I really hope that this one does what everyone seems to rave that it does. I would love to find an all natural acne treatment, since my poor face gets a beating when it comes to my blemishes and how I try to tackle them. The smell on this one is a little hard to handle in big doses. It's not gag inducing by any means, just not a scent I would ever want to smell like. I get a mixture of "Hardware Store" and tequila. haha I know that is a super strange mix, but I swear that is what I smell. This bar is gigantic too, so I will have to cut it down to make it a little more manageable while washing my face. The accessory that I ordered with it was their groovy soap dish which has slots in it to keep the soaps from sitting in a pool of water which would disintegrate them. Can't wait to put all my FCS goodies on it!

OK, well that was all of my products from this order and hope you guys will check out Fortune Cookie Soap's website. They are a great company with lots of loyal customers, myself included!


  1. Oh, I love the Hunger Games!

    I'm still a little confused, does a shampoo bar work, exactly?

    1. Basically, you just get your hair wet like you normally would. Take your bar and what I do is rub it in stripes starting at my hair line and going all the way back to the nape of my neck. I generally do about 6 of those stripes to get from ear to ear. I do the same process again, because I have really long and thick hair, and then lather it more with my hands. I have tried other shampoo bars that don't lather very well, but these are the best ones I have found. They are compact for travelling and eco-friendly since they don't have to make a giant plastic bottle for each one. Hope that helps and didn't make it more confusing. :D